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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Beauty Tricks For Face and Neck

These are more than just some trick for a woman to get her “beauty rest”. It is a very important and essential part of skin care and is advised it should be done at least once a week. Where it is not essential to go mad putting a mask on every night a weekly session will defiantly see vast improvements in energizing and keeping your skin moisturized as well as warding off any skin disorders. This would be one of the most important natural beauty tricks for face and neck for everlasting results.

A facial mask is applied thickly and can come in the form of a cream or gel. The cream when applied to the face can resemble clay like substance and is not always suited for every type of skin. The gel can be much more suited to sensitive skin as the clay type substance can irritate some skin types. Again knowing what best suits you are one of the first natural beauty tips for face and neck, which can help and improve your looks for a long time to come.

The reason a facial mask is the best natural beauty tips for face and neck because it deep cleans the pores as well as using moisturizing ingredients to keep the skin smooth and remove any dead skin cells resulting in clearer healthier skin possibly tightening up to remove fine lines and wrinkles. Healthier skin cells exposed to sunlight helps to give that younger healthier glow.

More natural beauty tips for face and neck is the use of facial masks in such a way to achieve soothing and relaxing motions not unlike a facial message. This is certainly a benefit of using a spa or a qualified beauty therapist. If you are doing this yourself make sure you firstly wash your face in warm water to open the pore before applying your chosen mask.

After you have washed your face apply your mask in small circular motions and let the mask sit for a minimum of 20 minutes, the longer the better. This can be particularly calming in a candle lit room with soft music, then rinse in cold water to close the pores and make you feel stimulated.

One of the best natural beauty tips for face and neck is to make your own facial mask. From ordinary home products like bananas, honey or avocados. Fruits, yogurts or milk are also very popular to soften the skin.

Treat Eczema

1. Find a good moisturizer for you skin. This is important, since eczema makes your skin really dry, you need to make sure you are getting a good moisturizer.

2. Change your diet to more natural products that don’t have a ton of saturated fat. Your diet can tremendously change your skins appearance, and by eating junk food and high saturated fats you increase your risk of skin problems.

3. Take a daily vitamin. These are great to help your body replenish the vitamins and minerals it uses on a daily basis. And with enough of your primary vitamins and minerals you skin and hair will start to soak up what it needs to keep healthy.

4. Use more organic or natural beauty products, and ingredients. Check out what some essential oils or carrier oils can do for you skin. The best things about these ingredients are their natural composition, and the fact that they don’t contain any harmful substances like parabens. With essential oils and carrier oils you can easily get some outstanding benefits without crowding your skin with too many products. Try Sage, Chamomile oil, Lavender Essential Oil, and Shea or Mango Butter for eczema.

About Mineral Makeup

It is made with minerals that have been sterilized and pulverized into an extremely fine powder. It is then mixed with a variety of natural inorganic colorings that provide the many color options. When your teen uses mineral makeup, rather than chemical based makeup, she will reap the benefits, such as:

· Clearer skin – This type of makeup is non-comedogenic. This means that is will not block the pores, which is the main cause for acne. Mineral makeup allows the skin to breathe. Teens are prone to acne breakouts, and they will feel much better if they are not contributing to their acne by using traditional makeup that will clog pores.

· Feels more natural – High quality makeup will feel more natural. It will not feel like you have applied a mask on your skin. Traditional makeup is heavier. Makeup made with minerals is much lighter. In fact, women say that mineral cosmetics almost feel as if they are not wearing makeup at all. It will also give skin a natural glow.

· Improves oily skin – Teens tend to have oily skin. Using chemical based cosmetics can contribute to your teen’s oily skin. Using makeup made from minerals will not contribute to oily skin because it does not contain oils.

· Protects from sun rays – Most mineral makeup contains ingredients, such as a high content of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that will give it a SPF of up to 15. While this is a great benefit, it is important to still use a sun screen for added protection.

By providing these benefits of mineral makeup and these facts about traditional cosmetics, you will be ensuring your daughter has all the information she needs to make decisions for a healthier and happier life. Mineral makeup will ensure your teen looks beautiful naturally.

Natural Recipes For Dry Hair

1. Use Avocado’s on your hair. Mash up and apply the straight avocado fruit to your hair. It will make it a bit unmanageable when put on, but by leaving on this fruit and rinsing out you can obtain a whole wealth of benefits, including moisturizing your hair and scalp. This alone can help get rid of dry, or damaged hair. After rinsing out you can use your normal shampoo and conditioner.

2. Mix Rosemary and Cedarwood Essential oils at a 1:3 ratio (1 drop of Rosemary to every 3 drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil), and add about 1 cup of Walnut Oil to your hair. This can be left on your hair for as long as you want. Your hair will soak up the beneficial qualities of the Walnut Oil, Rosemary, and Cedarwood Oils. Rinse out, and then use a mild shampoo.

3. Using Egg Yolk can help improve the look and feel of your hair. Create a mixture of Vinegar, Egg Yolk and Water, and apply to your hair. You can leave this on for about 5 minutes and rinse out. This will strip all impurities out of your hair, leaving it silky soft and manageable.