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Natural With Makeup

Choose a foundation makeup that is a light coverage. Most of the top beauty companies will clearly mark on their products what type of coverage that they give. If you are unsure of what to choose when it comes to this important base, you can have one custom selected for you at a department store makeup counter.

The key with going with a sheer coverage is you want your foundation makeup to give a gentle wash of color to even out your natural skin tone. You do not want it to look like you are wearing a mask.

Sheer eye shadows and blushes are going to give you the hint of color without looking like you to took a paint brush to your face. It might be tempting to try to build up color when you are doing your eye makeup, but a little bit of pink or purple will do wonders for your natural beauty. By choosing the right colors, you can bring out the color of your eyes.

A tinted lip gloss is all that you need to finish off a look that will highlight natural beauty. You can choose many different tints to keep in your makeup case so that you can easily change up your look. From peach tinted lip to a berry stain, you will give your lips a look that will help to bring out their natural color and keep them moist looking.